The ULTIMATE Paintball Board Game

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Working Hard!

Today we started class with lots of enthusiasm in order to make our paintball board game a reality!
We delegated to get all aspects of the game done; we wanted to better the game rules, board, box, and website.
-Steve took over photoshop to make an aesthetically appealing board!
-Jared and Kristen revisited the rules to make the game play easier and more appealing!
-Akriti got started on the website to make our game amazingly marketable!
 - We as a team discussed the name change of our game from Speedball to SPLAT! 
The airsoft gun as well as the airsoft paintball bb's are in!

It was a very productive day as much of our work load started coming together. The more tangible aspects of our game such as printing of board and assembling targets will be done over the weekend. Also this weekend will be the prime time that the warriors will get together for the assembly of our game.

Check out the Warriors working hard....or hardly working...

Table 2, Signing off!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today we started play play testing with a prototype board and game pieces.

- The subject of ammunition came up, and we decided that players should reload ammo after a certain number amount of shots.
- We also thought that the ammunition packages should be scattered across the board so it'll provide for more interesting game play rather than going back to the beginning to reload.

Overall it was a successful day! We play tested our game, and the feedback was great! The two testers seemed to enjoy their experience and offered useful feedback for improving our final design. We will conclude this day by searching for game pieces!

Signing off, TABLE 2!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Third Time's a Charm!

With our group leader missing for the first half an hour of class, we were able to develop our game tremendously!
-- We discussed the game board and are considering a laminated board instead of the foam board since that gives us a chance to make it rectangular.
--We designed a mock board on paper in order to figure out scaling of our actual board as well as play test our rules.
Below are some changes we plan to implement:
---- Offense: move upto 4
---- Defense: move upto 2
1. Three possible start areas; player gets to pick where to start from
2. Limiting shot range for offensive players; defensive will have a bigger range.

-- We also ordered airsoft guns as well as the paintballs in addition to the speed loader.

For next time, we plan to work on finding paintball figurines, as well as designing our board specifically. We will also be having a prototype for review of the overall game.

Signing off, Table 2!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We are Back!

Today we worked on the game design of our board as well as the pieces we are going to use. We progressed with lightening speeds!

Jared is not here today, so we will have to move on without him.

Our ideas included:
-airsoft paintball BBs
-targets can be other people's names/pictures

-styrofoam board with slits for the bunker to be inserted. Our characters may loosely be based on the James Bond series.
-Targets could be laminated paper in order to be reused
- BB guns with airsoft paintballs are what we decided to use after discussing darts and plastic bb pellets.
-This is what we essentially want to do:
-The guns will be ordered this weekend.
- We decided to have velcro placed in the slits for our bunkers.

Jared has finally arrived and is complicating the board ideas. Steve is highly frustrated at his behavior. In the end though, Jared conceded to Steve. Kristen and I continue with our awesome flow of ideas.

We'll discuss rules and regulationss next time.

---------> Signing out! TABLE 2 !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The First Post

The group has officially launched its blog, and we couldn't be more excited! Within the next few weeks, we will keep everyone updated on the progress of our game, and other fun updates. Today was an awesome day! Huge amounts of progress was made, including working titles, elemental rule changes, board formatting, and game design! We have our collaborative google document page set up, and production and progress is being made at lightning fast speeds, with a relentless approach to achieving greatness.

Plans for next week:
We plan to create a rough prototype board to begin game testing in order to refine rules and game play. In addition, the game board will be created on Adobe Photoshop!

Keep checking in for more updates! Table two signing off, over and out!